Florida Marriage And Family License Course Categories

Licensure Requirement

Licensure Requirement ATS Course
Dynamics of marriage and family systems
(3 hrs.)
CO600 Family Systems Theory
Marriage therapy & counseling theories & techniques (3 hrs.) CO626 Couples Counseling Theory & Technique
Family therapy & counseling theories & techniques (3 hrs.) CO627 Family Counseling Theory & Technique
Individual human development theories throughout the life cycle (3 hrs.) CO622 Theories of Personality Development
Personality theory or general counseling theory & techniques (3 hrs.) CO601 Counseling Theories and Techniques
Psychopathology (3 hrs.) CO720 Psychopathology: Theory and Assessment
Human sexuality theory (3 hrs.) CO611 Dynamics of Human Sexuality
Psychosocial theory (3. hrs.) CO730 Advanced Issues in Cross-Cultural Counseling in Individuals and Families
Substance abuse theory & counseling techniques (3 hrs.) CO625 Recognizing and Treating Addictive Disorders
Legal, ethical, and professional standards in MFT (3 hrs.) CO 610 Ethical and Legal Issues in Counseling
Diagnosis, appraisal, assessment, and testing for individual or interpersonal disorder or dysfunction (3 hrs.) CO715 Assessment Inventories in Counseling
Behavioral research as it applies to clinical practice (3 hrs.) CO725 Research Seminar: Theory and Design
Practicum in marriage and family counseling CO705 & CO706 Internship