Supervision for Kentucky Licensed Professional Counseling Associates (LPCA)

Mandatory Attendance at LPC Board Approved Training for LPCA Supervisors

As of October 31, 2010 ALL supervisors of LPCA’s in KY must have attended a 3 hour Board approved supervision training. LPCA Supervisors must attend such a seminar every three years.

You may only practice counseling as an LPCA provided your supervisor has attended a Board-approved supervision training. It is both the Supervisor and supervisee’s responsibility to make sure the supervisor attended the training. When you renew your license as a LPCA, you will be asked to submit a copy of the Attendance Certificate provided to your supervisor.


Q. If an LPCA completes the 100 hours of supervision, but lacks the 1600 hours of direct care, do they still need to meet for weekly supervision?

A. Yes. Supervision is continuous until the person has completed all of the hours and has received confirmation from the Board informing him/her of approval as an LPCC.

Q. If a LPCA supervisee has completed all the hours, but has not taken the test, does the LPCA need to continue supervision?

A. Yes. Supervision continues until the supervisee has received confirmation from the Board informing him/her of approval as an LPCC. (Sometimes the supervisee does not pass the test.)

Q. Can an LPCA diagnose using the DSM V?

A. Yes. Diagnosis is part of the scope of practice. It is part of supervision to review the accuracy of the diagnosis.

Q. What should a LPCA supervisor do if the supervisee does not keep supervision appointments?

A. If a supervisor cannot contact or loses contact with a supervisee, or the supervisee is not meeting with the supervisor, the supervisor may request to be removed as the supervisor of record. As the supervisor of record, that person is responsible for the supervisee’s work.

Q. Counseling jobs are frequently contingent on getting a counseling license. Can one obtain a license if the Board does not meet for a month or more?

A. No. Licenses can only be issued by the LPC Board and can only be done when the Board meets. The Law requires that the Board meets twice per year. The Board recognizes that people’s livelihood is based on it meeting to approve licenses. However, there are times when the Board cannot meet due to a lack of a quorum. In the past several years, the Board has met 10 out of 12 months annually.

Q. Can an LPCA include group supervision as part of the 100 hours?

A. No. All hours of supervision must be individual, face to face hours for LPCA.