Ph.D. [Intercultural Studies]

The Doctor of Philosophy in Intercultural Studies is designed to advance student’s knowledge in the theological, contextual, and strategic literatures in the field of missiology. Beyond the mastery of the contents and methods of missiology, each candidate specializes in a particular area within the field and contributes to the body of knowledge through original research of a chosen theme or issue.

Overview: Ph.D. [Intercultural Studies]

The Doctor of Philosophy [Intercultural Studies] program is designed to advance the student’s knowledge in the theological, contextual, spiritual and strategic literatures related to the field of missiology, to facilitate two advanced specializations within the field, as well as a contribution to the body of knowledge within the field of missiology, and thus prepare students for leadership in the academy or the field. This program is only offered on our Kentucky Campus and is fully residential.


The Ph.D. [I.S.] has four concentrations available: Contextual Studies, Historical-Theological Studies, Development Studies and Evangelization Studies. Learn more about each of these concentrations.

Program Level Outcomes

  • Cultivate holy love of God and neighbor demonstrated by knowledge of and practice in the Christian disciplines including works of service, with particular attention to a Wesleyan understanding of the means of grace.
  • Demonstrate integrative knowledge of the core literatures of the history and theology of mission, together with the religious, socio-cultural, and developmental aspects of mission and evangelization.
  • Have acquired advanced specialized knowledge of the literature of a chosen area within the field of missiology with analytical and interpretive skills.
  • Demonstrate research ability by engaging in original research around a pioneering missiological issue, problem, or opportunity.