The Leadership Formation Portfolio

Asbury Seminary’s Doctor of Ministry (D.Min.) program blends rigorous academic preparation with historic practices of formation and development. These elements combine in a process captured by the Leadership Formation Portfolio. With each cohort D.Min. students develop a formative community – journey partners, faculty mentors, cohort peers and dissertation coaches – that helps one another lean into life-long, life-changing priorities, dispositions and practices.

Marks of a Transformative Leader

Sometimes academic programs can make the mistake of prioritizing the completion of courses (with the focus on grades) as a measure of progress over and above the formative priorities of transformed hearts, hands and minds. Asbury Theological Seminary asserts that a high focus on techniques and problem solving gets the educational process out of order, the methods-cart before the values-horse. The making of a Christ-like leader happens from the inside out, and keeps happening over a lifetime.

Focusing on the inner life, we identify Priorities of the Transformative Leader. We describe the dispositions connected with these inner values as Postures of the Transformative Leader. These are the habits of the heart and spirit that lead to actions. These God-honoring behaviors arising from our dispositions translate into Practices of the Transformative Leader.

The graphic below depicts how Asbury designs formational priorities to develop ministry leaders’ postures and practices:

transformative leader

Throughout your D.Min. experience at Asbury, you will experiment with practices (listed to the left) and establish patterns of doing life that can sustain you in the vortex of ministry leadership. Reflecting on some of those practices each year, you will develop a Leadership Formation Portfolio that reveals your discoveries, lived out personally and in community.