L.E.A.D. Initiatives

How a Community’s Feedback Shapes a Leader

Leadership evaluation is a gift that communities and leaders give to one another. In the Asbury Doctor of Ministry program, we aim to capture the benefits of approach to leadership development by sponsoring key initiatives that allow participants to practice their leadership before, beside and for their peers.  We call these “LEAD Initiatives” — Leadership Evaluation and Development Initiatives.  “LEAD Initiatives” rely upon structured feedback. When people lack this, ambiguity, misdiagnosis, self-deception, ego, cultural bias and immaturity may easily affect interpretation, decision-making and policy.  Without insight, even successes become problematic, sometimes as problematic as failure without insight. Because leaders must make it their business to understand the social, spiritual and organizational dynamics that affect the realization outcomes, our participants are immersed in leadership practice and evaluation (not merely conceptual leadership learning).