Wellness Lifestyle Declaration

The Shape of Shalom in and Through You

A wellness lifestyle, one rooted in biblical reflections of spiritual and natural wholeness, is one that harmonizes every aspect of our being with God’s plan for the world and us in it.  A Wellness Lifestyle Declaration is a statement similar to, or complementing, a Rule of Life.  But its difference is found in the intentionality of a plan of action geared toward the achievement of personal wellness aims that can be measured. If a Rule of Life addresses a pattern for stability and maintenance of the spiritual life, a Wellness Lifestyle addresses our human propensity toward dualism that often misses the spiritual unity in the physical, emotional, social and environmental dimensions of life.  The Declaration becomes a unifying theological statement that declares something to the effect of:  “Because I believe this about God, the unity within His created order (and, of course, myself in it), I declare these wellness lifestyle commitments.” As suggestions, these commitments might include areas such as:

  • Nutrition and Fitness
  • Family Vision, Mission and Care
  • Rhythms of Work, Rest, and Play
  • Regularly Scheduled Physician Check Ups
  • Self-Care Commitments (Emotional, Mental Health)
  • 12-Step Recovery Spirituality Work 
  • Retirement, Financial and Family After-Care Planning
  • Charitable/Volunteer Contributions (Time, Talent, Treasure)
  • Community and Economic Development – At Home and Abroad
  • Creation Care and Sustainability Living