Ministry Transformation

The Ministry Research Project is designed to develop as participants navigate their courses. This is different from many programs in which the project is developed after the coursework phase of learning. Given the collegial design, we want to give participants every opportunity to contribute to one another’s bibliographic understanding of the ministry practice that is at focus in the dissertation.

The Ministry Research Project is completed in five distinct stages, each stage corresponding to a chapter in a research dissertation. Faculty fellows, when contracted, were made aware of the formative objectives of this project and have adopted program priorities into their course experience, offering you greater integration of your overall experience. The five stages are:

  • Ministry Research Prospectus (Overview, Cohort Seminar I)
  • Ministry Research Literature Review (Context, Cohort Seminar II)
  • Ministry Research Data Collection Plan (Evidence, Cohort Seminar III)
  • Ministry Research Data Analysis Plan (Theory, Cohort Seminar IV)
  • Ministry Research Findings Report (Results, Colloquium Presentation)