M.A. in Christian Education

The purpose of the Master of Arts in Christian Education is to prepare students for a vocation of educational leadership with lifespan catechesis, discipleship, spiritual formation, and nurture in the local church, para-church, institutions, cross-cultural ministry, and higher education.

Overview: Master of Arts in Christian Education

The Master of Arts in Christian Education is designed to prepare students for a vocation of nurture, formation, and life-span discipleship in parish, institutional, or cross-cultural settings. Students will be equipped to provide leadership for educational ministries that effectively seek to present everyone mature in Christ.

Program Level Outcomes

  • Articulate an integrative practical theology of education ministry grounded in the biblical narrative and orthodox theology, as well as informed by human sciences, insights from church history, and life experience.
  • Demonstrate the ministry practices of leading, teaching, and equipping congregations and organizations in the making of lifelong disciples.
  • Demonstrate intentional incorporation of theologically-informed rituals and practices for the sake of loving God and neighbor.

Degree Map

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Hrs Course ID Course Name
3 CD501 Vocation of Ministry (must be taken in initial 21 hrs at ATS)
3 MS501 Missional Formation (must be taken in initial 21 hrs at ATS)
3 BT501 Biblical Narrative
3 NT(IBS)510/511 NT(IBS)510 Matthew -or- NT(IBS)511 Mark
3 TH501 Basic Christian Doctrine
3 CH501 Church History—One
3 CD553 Seminar in Christian Education
3 CD560/660 Ministry of Teaching -or- Teaching the Bible to Youth and Adults
3 CD613 The Theology and Practice of Equipping the Laity
3 CD615 Family Development: Discipleship and the Home
3 TH601 Theology of John Wesley
3 CS601 Christian Ethics
3 CD605 Gospel Catechesis: Transformative Discipleship [PRQ: TH501; BT501 recommended]
3 CD616/655 Young and Middle Adult Dev. and Disc. -or- Ministry with Children through the Church
3 CD620 Moral Development
3 CD651 Professional Foundations of Christian Education
3 CD663/YM510 Aging, Spirituality and Ministry -or- Foundations of Youth Ministry
1 MM520 Mentored Ministry—One [PRQ: CD501, MS501]
1 MM620 Mentored Ministry—Two [PRQ: MM520]
1 MM720 Mentored Ministry—Three [PRQ: MM520, MM620]
As Needed
3   Elective Course
3   Elective Course