Ministry Partners Program

Partnering for Future Ministry

God has placed a calling on your life and you have chosen to go to Asbury Seminary. Because we want you to be able to focus on wholeness and holiness while you prepare for a ministry in the Master of Arts in Church Planting, Master of Arts in Intercultural Studies, or Master of Divinity, with a church planting specialization, we have designed the Ministry Partners Partnership to relieve any financial burden.

This opportunity is available to U.S. students, whether planting a church stateside or overseas. The full-tuition scholarship also provides a number of co-curricular activities and resources, and is renewable every year.

Your Seminary experience with the Ministry Partners Partnersip offers you the unique chance to have a team of financial and prayer supporters with you throughout your theological education. You will be assisted in inviting friends and family to be part of your team and with bringing in a partnering church that will support your education.

Once you have completed the program, you will enter the mission field better equipped for ministry by having a network of support already in place to help you in your church plant. And you will have gleaned the necessary fundraising and stewardship skills to move forward, without the worry of educational debt. To find out more about this scholarship and to determine eligibility, read the Ministry Partners Program FAQ,  contact, or call Holly Hughes at 859-858-2325.


How Do I Participate in the Ministry Partners Program?

Determine if you are eligible for the scholarship

  • Degree program of MA in Church Planting, MA in Intercultural Studies, or MDiv with Church Planting specialization
  • New student entering Asbury Theological Seminary in Fall 2013
  • Maintain Full-time student status for Fall and Spring semesters (9 hours each semester)
  • United States Citizen or Green Card Holder
  • Be on or in close proximity to the Wilmore campus to be able to attend all co-curricular events


Apply for admission to Asbury Theological Seminary


After admission into the Seminary, apply for the Ministry Partners Program

  • Print, complete, and submit Ministry Partners Program Application
    • Includes the Potential Supporting Team Members form that identifies the church and individual contacts in your network
    • Provide 3 Letters of Recommendation
      • Note that the criteria for selection into the Ministry Partners Scholarship Program includes
        • Commitment to the local church
        • Academic excellence
        • Strong sense of calling
        • Proven leadership in ministry

After selection for the Ministry Partners Program, establish a network of team members

  • Contact potential team members
    • Identify approximately 16 donors who will commit to give $45/month to the Ministry Partners Program Fund and support you in prayer.  (Contributions are tax deductible.)
    • Establish a relationship with a sending church that confirms your call to ministry, agrees to regularly pray for you, and gives $500 per year to the Ministry Partners Program Fund.
    • Because raising support is unique for each student, the exact number of donors and the amounts of the monthly donation may vary while still attaining the targeted annual donation amount of $9,140.
  • Attend pre-seminary training to assist you with the principles of fundraising and to inform you about the most effective ways to communicate with your donors on a monthly basis.
  • Submit Supporter Commitment Form with names of your committed team members and supporting church.

Participate in ongoing co-curricular program

  • Learn principles of stewardship, the Biblical foundations of ministry support, and principles of fundraising and support maintenance through seminars and discussions.
  • Develop a network with other church planters while exploring topics such as church-related stewardship issues as well as personal budgeting and finances.

For more information, call Holly Hughes at 859-858-2325 or email