M.A. in Spiritual Formation

The Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation will educate and equip persons answering a call to ministry in spiritual formation. Building upon the core theological education required of all Master of Arts students, the MASF will provide focused study in scripture, theology, tradition, and practices undergirding the discipline of spiritual formation, including the ministry of spiritual direction.

Overview: Master of Arts in Spiritual Formation

Anticipated Program Outcomes

  • Articulate knowledge of Christian Spiritual Formation based in Scripture and theology, with particular roots in classical formation literature and Wesleyan theology.
  • Integrate their knowledge of Spiritual Formation into their personal formation, with particular congruence with the holy love of God and neighbor cultivated by the Wesleyan means of grace
  • Apply what they have integrated into their ministry specialization, with particular attention given to the social and cultural contexts of that ministry and with connection to larger global expressions.

Degree Map

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Hrs Course ID Course Name
3 CD501 Vocation of Ministry (must be taken in initial 21 hours at ATS)
3 MS501 Missional Formation (must be taken in initial 21 hours at ATS)
3 BT501 Biblical Narrative
3 SF501 Introduction to Spiritual Formation
3 TH501 Basic Christian Doctrine
3 CH501 Church History—One
3 SF502 Spiritual Life of the Minister
3 SF503 The Life of Prayer
3 SF___ Spiritual Formation Elective
3 CS601 Christian Ethics
3 NT(IBS)510/511 NT(IBS)510 Matthew -or- NT(IBS)511 Mark
3 TH601 Theology of John Wesley
3 SF601 Spiritual Direction
3 SF605 Scripture and Spiritual Formation [PRQ: BT501]
3 SF625 Theology and Spiritual Formation
3 SF630 Tradition and Spiritual Formation
3 SF___ Spiritual Formation Elective
As Needed
3   Elective Course
3   Elective Course
3   Elective Course

Ways this Degree Could be Utilized Once Completed

  1. The MASF degree facilitates a deepening of the student’s life in Christ, laying a solid intellectual and practical foundation for life and ministry that could include service as a spiritual mentor. Scripture, early Church teachings, medieval spiritual writings, and the works of the Wesleys are used in shaping the student’s understanding and practices.
  2. A number of M.Div. students have elected to add the MASF as a second degree in order to further broaden their relationship with the Trinity and to understand the dynamics of leading others into the depths of daily Christian commitment.
  3. Students not on a denominational pastoral ordination track can expect the MASF to help equip them for various specialty ministries in the church that involve the faith formation of differing groups of people.  For instance, some MASF students have used MASF studies to prepare for in-depth discipleship ministries in the local church, retreat ministries, and teaching ministries.