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Distance Learning

The Distance Learning program is Asbury Seminary’s teleconferencing class that links the two campuses, Kentucky and the Florida Dunnam campus, in synchronous instructional periods.  Through the use of two-way audio/video conferencing technology, Asbury Seminary is able to bridge the miles between the campuses and share top rated classes to benefit students on either campus. At the same time, these classes offer the students an education unparalleled through the culture that both locations bring to the classroom as well as the emphasis in learning that can be produced through these opportunities.



Through Asbury Seminary’s Distance Learning program, you will have the opportunity to participate a brief on-campus encounter called an Intensive.  Intensives are offered in blocks of one or two week or weekend program all year round.  During the Intensives, you will earn three credit hours.  The Intensives allow students greater flexibility while taking advantage of the distance education opportunities.  For a more detailed break down of the Intensives schedule, please see the academic catalog.