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Counseling Degrees


The file completion deadline for all of our counseling programs (MAMH, MAMF, and MAPC) that begin in the summer is March 1st for the Wilmore, KY campus and April 1st for the Orlando, FL campus.  If you want to begin one of our counseling programs (MAMH, MAMF, and MAPC) in the spring semester the file completion deadline is October 1st.

 Admissions Requirements

  • Application Form
  •  $50 non-refundable application fee
  • Official transcripts from all postsecondary schools where more than one semester of coursework has been completed sent to Admissions directly from the institution.  PLEASE NOTE: A GPA of 3.0 on a 4.0 scale is required. If the GPA requirement is not met, the applicant will be encouraged to select another degree program.
  • Personal History Essay
  • Four References:
    • Pastoral, counseling/mental health professional, professor/academic, and non-family member references are required.
  • If you choose to submit references in paper form, the counseling addition must be included.

Once the admission requirements are completed and if all requirements for admissions are met, you will be invited to contact the counseling office to set up the Counseling Tests and Inventories.  These tests provide information about your social, emotional, and psychological functioning.  The information is reviewed by professors in the area of Counseling and Pastoral Care for admissions purposes only.  Your test results will be maintained in a secure file and will not be used for any other purposes.

The admission requirements and Counseling Tests and Inventories must be complete by March 1st (Wilmore, KY) and April 1st (Orlando, FL) for summer applicants.  For spring applicants, the admission requirements and Counseling Tests and Inventories must be complete by October 1st.

Following the completion of the Counseling Tests and Inventories, you will be invited to attend a group interview, in which all counseling applicants will be in attendance.  The interview is usually held two to three weeks following the deadline for admissions requirements and Counseling Tests and Inventories.

Once the group interview has been completed, the counseling faculty will communicate their recommendation to the Admissions Office for further processing.  The Admissions Office will then notify you of the Admissions Committee’s decision regarding your application.

Personal History Essay:

M.A., M.Div., Cert., Unc. applicants:

  1. Share your life story, including at what point you began your relationship with Jesus Christ. Talk about your growth since that time and what brings you to apply to Seminary at this season in your life. Include your thoughts on how you would like to see your faith grow during your time in Seminary.
  2. What draws you to your desired major/area of study? What is your intended outcome upon degree completion? Why is that career or ministry choice meaningful to you?
  3. Discuss a local, national, and/or international issue and why you are passionate about it.