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Discover Asbury Seminary

Choosing the right place for your theological education can be daunting. A thousand questions race through your mind as you try to discern God’s call on your life. You want to know how seminary will prepare you to take your faith deeper and how the right training ground will help you more faithfully be a minister of the Gospel. As you consider Asbury Seminary you might be asking yourself, “Who are these people, and what are they all about?”

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Asbury Seminary is a community called to prepare theologically educated, sanctified, Spirit-filled men and women to evangelize and to spread scriptural holiness throughout the world through the love of Jesus Christ, in the power of the Holy Spirit and to the glory of God the Father.


Asbury Seminary is a multi-denominational graduate school of theology that is called to teach the unchanging truth of Christianity. We are a spiritually vibrant, academically rigorous community steeped in the Wesleyan movement, and we are deeply committed to living out the truths of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Asbury Seminary’s two campuses, online courses, multiple programs, and varied course offering timetables allow students to fulfill their academic goals in accordance to their own needs and abilities.

At Asbury Seminary, three things will characterize your experience: you will be grounded in the Word of God, globally engaged and grow in the Spirit.


It takes a village to raise a child, and a whole seminary community to train women and men to be ministers of God’s love. The Asbury Seminary community is led by committed faculty, staff, and administrators who care deeply about your education and your spiritual formation. We want you to be full of knowledge, and full of love for God and people. In order to effectively train you to be the servant-leader God has called you to be we offer a number of academic and professional degrees through our Wilmore, Florida Dunnam, and Online (EXL) Campuses.

Asbury Seminary’s dedicated admissions staff is ready to help you take the first steps in this journey. We want to get to know you so we can guide you through the application process. We cannot wait to welcome you to our community!


Asbury Seminary adheres to historic Christian faith rooted in the Wesleyan tradition.  As a student at the Seminary, you will be immersed in Scripture and taught to have a deep understanding of the Christian faith while being equipped with the skill set to be a lifelong student and teacher of the Word.

We have approximately 90 denominations represented in the student population, which allows for rich classroom discussion. Teachings are presented from a Wesleyan platform providing a foundational cornerstone, enabling students to develop their theology as they mature in their faith and advance in their education. Serious biblical, theological and pastoral reflection, which is committed to historic orthodoxy, is of utmost importance to Asbury Seminary because it is crucial for the long-term health and vitality of the Church.


From the classroom to the community, Asbury Seminary pursues a holistic approach to education through the development of both a student’s academic scholarship and spiritual formation. We acknowledge the crucial relationship between academic and spiritual formation.  Our campuses are rich environments for spiritual development, global community, sacrificial service, catechesis and holiness.


The faculty at Asbury Seminary is world-renowned in their field of discipline. They are diverse in both their ministry and professional experience, providing a lush classroom environment for academic learning and spiritual development. They are called to train and equip the next generation to be effective in their service to Christ and His Church. As a student at Asbury Seminary, you will experience enriching teaching that will equip you with the tools for lifelong growth and understanding of God’s purpose for your life.

Our accredited degree programs prepare you for an assortment of vocations including academia, full or part time ministry, counseling, mission work or non-profit work. Each program is tailored to provide tangible ministry aptitudes and a strong biblical foundation that will equip you for ministry in your own unique profession and calling.


We believe that the most effective laborers in God’s Kingdom have of a lifestyle that overflows with the grace received through communion with the triune God. Asbury Seminary strives to create an environment where students grow in their relationship with God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

As a student at Asbury Seminary, you will have the opportunity to participate in weekly corporate gatherings filled with songs of praise, prayer and dynamic preaching. We also host daily Eucharist services, retreats and other ministry opportunities for students to participate in. Worship continues in the classroom as professors incorporate devotionals, prayer or praise songs into the beginning of their lectures. Beyond the corporate worship experiences, there are chapels and prayer closets in every major building on campus where you can meet as a small group with fellow colleagues or spend alone time with the Lord.

At Asbury Seminary we believe that the spiritual growth of your family is vital. All corporate worship opportunities and spaces are available for the whole family to enjoy. The spouses and families of our students also have ministry opportunities available to them, designed to serve their needs during their time at the seminary. These ministry opportunities may come in the form of retreats, small group meetings or fellowship with staff and faculty. Families should also expect to see new and exciting opportunities initiated by our Community Formation team.


Asbury Seminary is committed to serving the global Church through the development of new academic programs, the understanding of global trends, and partnering with institutions around the world to provide students with a missionally oriented education.

As a student at Asbury Theological Seminary, you will be living and learning among students from all over the world.  You will be challenged to think missionally in the classroom as you engage in conversations with individuals with diverse worldviews. Whether you are pursuing your seminary venture with your family or on your own, you will be immersed in cross-cultural community living.

Asbury Theological Seminary strives to expand educational opportunities by partnering with seminaries from all over the globe. These partnerships will provide the opportunities to learn from professors who come from partnering seminaries, or even allow you take courses overseas.  Current partnerships exist in Africa, South America and Asia.