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Beeson Scholar Program

How Can I afford this?

Asbury Scholar Cohort.  Our Asbury Scholar friends are self-paying students who begin their cohort journey in either January or July.

Tuition Installment Plan.  To make the doctoral program affordable for Asbury Scholars, we’ve created a payment plan that breaks your costs into more manageable increments. The Tuition Installment Plan is described below:

  • The thirty-six month payment plan spreads the cost of three annual visits into manageable segments.
  • Every 6 months (on July 1 and January 1), students are registered for DM900 that indicates continuing active student status.
  • The enrollment costs that accompany this semi-annual registration can be paid in lump sum form or spread into six monthly installments.
  • Note: Total cost of the program includes an allowance of up to $2000 for the participant’s international travel fund to be used during the third residency.

Beeson Scholar Cohort. Our vision for this scholarship is to translate the entrustment of the Beeson Doctor of Ministry learning experience into a legacy of thousands of D.Min. alumni making God’s kingdom visible in every time zone around the world through the way they witness, lead and live. This scholarship is made possible through the bequest of Mr. Ralph Waldo Beeson, an insurance executive committed to strengthening pastors in their ministry.

The Scholarship. Approximately twenty participants are selected each year as Beeson Scholars. To be considered for the scholarship, applicants must have all materials submitted by January 2 of the year of desired matriculation. Scholarships are granted by invitation only after the participant is admitted into the D.Min. Program.

The scholarship includes:

  • 100% coverage of tuition and fees
  • Reimbursement of course-related travel
  • Cross-cultural immersion experiences
  • Housing
  • Meal Plan
  • Kindle Device and books

Scholarship Responsibilities:

If selected, scholarship participants must:

  • Extend your gratitude through kindness to and participation in your home community.
  • Invest in reproducing leaders by mentoring one or more pastoral leaders.
  • Seek opportunities to adapt Wesley’s field preaching and evangelism ministry concepts into their own context.
  • Participate in U.S. immersion experiences to exercise situational exegesis by engaging systems, culture, change and relational leadership learning.
  • Engage in life-deepening conversation with select Asbury faculty and practitioners in Beeson forums to grow as a legacy leader.
  • Sponsor Beeson Scholar prospects by commending qualified candidates to the Beeson Scholar program through a reference letter.