Ministry Partners Program

Finish Seminary Debt Free

This program is designed to offer full-time and part-time students in the M.Div. or M.A. Intercultural Studies with Church Planting emphasis a way to complete their degree debt free. Participating students will receive a 100% tuition scholarship as they participate in a co-curricular program designed to give students training and confidence in financial stewardship and gain practical experience in key aspects of donor development. Students will partner with their church and sponsoring individuals to participate in their seminary education by praying and giving. Partner donations are deposited into a pool of funds gathered for all Ministry Partner Scholarships. The Seminary identifies other donors who contribute additional monies that are sufficient to provide the full tuition scholarship. Ministry Partner donors receive a tax deduction on their contributions and you receive a full-tuition scholarship.

The Ministry Partners Program is designed as a three to four-year program, but can extend up to six-years.


How does it work?

Apply: Interested individuals apply for the Ministry Partners Program with the Asbury Seminary Director.

  • Identify a group of Ministry Partners for prayer and encouragement from among your network of family, friends and church folks. Of this team, seek out a minimum of 12 donors willing to give $45/month to the Ministry Partners Program Scholarship Fund and to support you in prayer. All contributions are tax-deductible.
  • Partner with a sending church who has confirmed your call to ministry, is willing to support you in prayer, and will give $500 per year to the Ministry Partners Scholarship Fund.
  • Asbury Theological Seminary provides all participating students with a Full-Tuition Scholarship
  • Ministry Partner students participate in a co-curricular program that qualifies them for the scholarship. These co-curricular modules will allow students to gain lifelong tools to aid in Kingdom ministry within their own individual churches or other ministries. Modules will cover topics on items such as how to develop donor relationships consistent with Biblical principles, how to overcome the fear of fundraising, practical fundraising ideas and methods, personal financial stewardship, and the like. Participation in the co-curricular is required with this program and may qualify for up to 3 credit hours of class-time.
  • Raising support is unique to each student. There are a number of ways to do so. In addition to the example used above, other fundraising scenarios might include the following:


Amount per year


Church Commitment



1 church




2 churches

$1000 each

Or any number of other combinations you can develop to reach your goal. Asbury Seminary will train you and support you in reaching your goal and achieving success.

The possibilities are endless. Please contact our Advancement Department at 800.2.ASBURY to begin your exploration of this exceptional program.

Who is selected for this program?

Candidates who are selected for the Ministry Partners Program show the following strengths:

A commitment to the local church

  • Academic excellence
  • Strong sense of calling
  • Proven leadership in ministry
  • U.S. citizen
  • All participants in the Ministry Partners Program must complete the following
    • Write a statement indicating your intention for ministry and telling how you will use the fundraising skills you learn in your future ministry.
    • Submit this statement to your pastor for review. Your pastor must then attach your statement to the pastoral letter of recommendation and endorse your stated goals.
    • You must fulfill the Ministry Partners Program co-curricular educational requirement and commitment.

What are the benefits of the Ministry Partner Program?

  • The emphasis on learning biblical principles of kingdom ministry including fundraising, personal financial stewardship, creation care, Sabbath keeping, community building and more will be lessons that will bear fruit within any ministry setting.
  • This program offers continuing opportunities to strengthen ties with the sending church(es), family, friends, etc.
  • A full-tuition scholarship and partnership with Asbury Theological Seminary
  • Practical ministry skills and experience
  • Practical fundraising training
  • Participation in spiritual and discipleship mentor training events through the co-curricular offerings.

Application and Deadline

Candidates may submit an application to the Ministry Partners Program after they have been accepted into either the M.Div. or M.A. (Intercultural Studies) with Church Planting emphasis degree program and have paid the $50, non-refundable matriculation fee. Application must arrive prior to the published deadline and may not be made retroactive for any semester.

Entry Point for Program Deadline Fundraising Training Fundraising Deadline
Fall Semester May 15 May 31 July 31
Spring Semester Oct 15 Oct 30 Dec 31
Summer Mar 1 Mar 31 Apr 30

For more information please contact Tammy Hogan 859-858-2238