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Chaplaincy – a group for chaplains to connect with one another. If you are a Chaplain looking to get connected, please contact Lori Casey at

Rev. Lori CaseyRev. Lori Casey

Nursing was my life, until my call to ministry.  I met my husband, a fighter pilot, when stationed as an Air Force nurse in Florida.  For many years after our marriage I worked part time as a nurse, raised two (wonderful) children and became increasingly involved in our United Methodist church in Peachtree City, Georgia.  My call to ministry really began when I felt called to teach sixth grade Sunday school.  Soon after I signed up for a Bible Study and soon found myself facilitating the very same Bible Studies.  Next I was asked to be a Small Group Leader and attended Willow Creek for training.  After several years, our senior pastor asked me to pray about coming on staff as the Director of Congregational Care for our church.   I agreed as long as I could work one day a week as a nurse.  When I sensed God calling me to chaplaincy I was sure God forgot that I was the one nervous about teaching sixth grade Sunday School!   After discerning the call, I talked with several of the large hospitals in Atlanta, Georgia, and learned the requirements for chaplaincy included seminary, endorsement, ordination and (for me) appointment.  It was a God sized mountain and the Lord opened every door along the way. I attended my first semester of Asbury Theological Seminary in the spring of 2004.  Seminary was a tremendous experience as you all know.  Although many of my fellow students would comment on their eagerness to preach, they were usually startled when and I said I felt called to be at the bedside of someone sick or dying.   After graduating from seminary in 2008 I did a chaplain residency in Louisville, KY at Norton Healthcare then spent a year and a half as an associate pastor at St. Matthews United Methodist Church.  God opened the door for chaplaincy back in Lexington at Baptist Health Lexington as the chaplain  member of their Palliative care team.  I love my job.   Truly God has led me to a place of ministry where I sense the profound presence of God most powerfully at the bedside, journeying with patients and their families.