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Payment Methods

Textbooks may be purchased through the Textbook Butler program or purchased individually at the store and placed on your Asbury Seminary Student Account.  This bill can be paid at the Asbury Seminary Business Office. Textbooks listed on an official course syllabus are the only items that may be billed to your student account.


All other items and textbooks may be paid for using cash, check, Visa, MasterCard, or Discover.

Textbook Butler Program

All KY, FL and ExL students enrolled in one of our degree programs are, by default, OPTED-IN to the Textbook Butler program under the ‚”rental‚” model, which is the most cost-effective way to receive course materials. Under the rental model, you rent all of your course materials (with the exception of workbooks and one-time-use materials, which you keep) and return them at the end of the semester. Shipping both ways is included in the cost of the rental. Should you decide to keep any rental books at the end of the semester, you simply pay Tree of Life for the buyout price. More information about buyouts will be available near the end of the fall semester.

  • Should you desire to purchase books instead of rent, you may select ‚”used preferred‚” (as available) books or “new preferred‚” (as available) books by accessing the Tree of Life Portal found under the Student Services tab on AIS (shortcut:
  • Regardless of whether you rent or buy, all charges for the Textbook Butler program will be posted to your student account, which can be paid along with your tuition charges via the Business Office.

In order to accurately deliver your course materials you need to provide a shipping address, which can be done through the Tree of Life portal, found under the Student Services tab at Please note that books may take up to two weeks to be delivered. Once on the portal page, you have three options:

  • Current Address: The address on file with the Registrar. This is the default option.
  • Bookstore Address: Your books will be shipped to the KY Campus Bookstore and held for pickup under your name. This is a good option for new KY students who do not yet have their housing/address information.
  • Shipping Address: An address not currently in the system. Enter a preferred physical address in this section.

If you do not wish to participate in the Textbook Butler program, you must OPT_OUT of the program. You may opt-out via the Tree of Life portal found under the Student Services tab on AIS (shortcut: Please note that once you opt-out, you are opted-out for all future semesters as well. You may opt back in at any point, but the cut-off date for fall shipments is drop/add.

  • The Textbook Butler program is unable to fulfill international orders at this time. If you reside overseas and need assistance acquiring course materials, please call the Bookstore directly (1.859.858.2293) or e-mail: and they will be happy to assist you.
  • Students can get pricing information or source individual books from the following site:
  • The bookstore itself will receive a limited number of textbooks for students to purchase in the store as well.

If you have questions about the Textbook Butler program and/or need assistance with updating your shipping information or opting-out, please call the Tree of Life Customer Service line from 9am-9pm (EDT) Monday-Friday at 1.888.392.2930 or the Asbury Seminary Bookstore at 1.859.858.4242.


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