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Asbury Seminary Adjunct Professor and Alumnus Dr. Dan W. Dunn Publishes New Book about Evangelism

ATS Adjunct Faculty and Alumnus Dr. Dan W. Dunn has recently published Offer Them Life: A Life-Based Evangelistic Vision, through Wipf & Stock. Dr. Joe Dongell endorses the book with these comments:

“Dan Dunn’s experience as a missionary, his ability as a scholar, and his passion as a follower of Jesus have converged into a beautifully written and convincingly argued vision of evangelism starting at the very beginning of the biblical story…with God as the living God who is zealous to share his creating and redeeming life with the world. From this sure point of departure, Dunn charts an approach to sharing the gospel that is both biblically solid and creatively engaging.”

This book can be purchased from any major bookstore or directly from the publisher.

Posted on September 12, 2013

Categories: News