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Dr. Fredrick J. Long and Michael W. Halcomb Publish a New Book on Koine Greek

Authors: T. Michael W. Halcomb and Fredrick J. Long,

Speak Koine Greek: A Conversational Phrasebook

Speak Koine Greek contains over 240 sayings, expressions, phrases, idioms, and figures of speech from ancient (Koine) Greek. This work has been strategically arranged into simple categories (Getting in the Conversation, Staying in the Conversation, Ending the Conversation) with each entry ordered alphabetically by English glosses and followed by both a phrase that is similar or comparable in Koine as well as a source citation. Speak Koine Greek is a user-friendly compilation of expressions meant to help learners progress in fluency and knowledge of Koine while having fun doing so. You can purchase the book on HERE or HERE.  As a further add-on, companion audio files for this book are available for purchase and download at the GlossaHouse website HERE.

Posted on April 2, 2014

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