Antioch Church Program

Today’s seminarian faces high tuition on top of increased living costs. It is difficult for the average seminarian to work his or her way through school. Moreover, at this level of education many students are married, and some have children. Family responsibilities add to the cost of living and place demands on a student’s time. Most seminarians today have a financial struggle that can at times discourage and distract them from their studies.

For these reasons we ask you to prayerfully consider becoming a Partner in Ministry with a student at Asbury Seminary. Your church can become a Partner in Ministry with a student by establishing a scholarship fund. Such a fund must have guidelines for granting scholarships to assure equitable distribution. Contributions to the fund must be under the complete control of the administering board and not simply a channel whereby parents and/or friends receive tax-deductible receipts for assisting with their seminarian’s school costs. However, such a scholarship fund established in a local church to aid those preparing for ministry could be a great help and encouragement to your seminarian.


The role of the student:

Commit to a biblically based evangelical ministry. Pray for your church.
Be available for service in the church. Visit and write on a frequent basis.

The role of the church:

Pray for your student. Support your student financially.
Keep up with your student’s needs, concerns, accomplishments and joys. Keep students involved in the ministry of your church.

A scholarship fund in your church maybe God’s provision for the preparation of Christian service for some of your young people. Questions relating to the Antioch Church Program may be mailed to the Office of Alumni and Church Relations, Asbury Theological Seminary, 204 North Lexington Avenue, Wilmore, KY 40390, or you may call us at 1.866.287.2586 or email us at Students from the Kentucky and Florida Dunnam Campuses may also use this number for more information.