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So you’ve said yes to ministry? Join the ranks of Deborah, Anna, Amy Carmichael, Anne Graham Lotz, Brenda Salter McNeil, Phoebe Palmer, Lisa Ausley, Carolyn Moore and Linda Adams as creative and innovative Christian leaders.

Asbury Theological Seminary prepares both women and men to answer the call with an online Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in Leadership degree. Complete your degree in 2-4 years with online classes and minimal campus visits. World-renowned scholars integrate theology, history and leadership into your coursework that’s designed specifically for your ministry context. Through campus-visits, online courses and practicums, you’ll live, learn and worship in a community that affirms full participation in vocations of scholarship, ministry, leadership and the role of lead teaching pastor.

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Which Degree is Right for You

Master of Divinity – Develop the biblical and theological understanding essential for a vibrant, contemporary ministry rooted in the Wesleyan tradition.

Complete the on-campus portion of your master of divinity degree with approximately 10 campus visits of either one week or intensive weekends, depending on your course plan.

Master of Arts in Leadership – Prepare to answer your call within the church, marketplace or non-profit organization as you develop effective leadership skills and qualities to be a transformational pastor, leader, director or CEO.

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Asbury Seminary Voices: Laura Beach

Founder and spiritual director of Equipping Lydia.

Minister to the modern day spiritual widow.

Master of Divinity Graduate 2007

“I savored each class and tried to glean as much nourishment from the lectures, readings and engagement as possible. Asbury Seminary helped me articulate God’s grace through the Word and through a life lived in compassion and love.”

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