Lifelong Learning

The Beeson International Center at Asbury Seminary sees learning as a lifelong process. Through webcasts, seminars, conferences and retreats, you have the opportunity to grow as a faithful steward of grace. The Beeson International Center provides you with a unique learning community as you work, serve and engage in transformational discussions with your brothers and sisters in Christ. We invite all to continue the learning journey with us as we channel our resources to come alongside you in your life and ministry. We bring you the best of the Seminary experience every day.

Ministry Conference 2016 – Marked by Grace

The 2016 Ministry Conference will focus on our dependence on Christ’s mercy as we minister to an increasingly unpredictable world where all the rules have changed.

  • Drink deep from God’s resources for healthy ministry.
  • Be confident through Spirit-guided risk-taking.
  • Discover the meaning of leading from the future.

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Recovering our Wesleyan Faith & Formation Tradition Conference

This seminar will be held on the campus of Asbury Theological Seminary on April 18-21, 2016.

  • Recover the Wesleyan methods of maturing people in Christ as demonstrated by Phil Meadows and Steve Martyn (Loving the “How” Of Growing Disciples)
  • Receive the treasure of Classical Wesleyan Christianity as illuminated by Ken Collins (Loving the Way of Salvation)

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Renewal Retreats

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