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Asbury Seminary Hosts the Green Collection

Asbury Theological Seminary welcomes Sacra Pagina, an exhibit of more than 50 items from the Green Collection, the world’s largest private collection of biblical texts and artifacts, during the Ministry Conference, March 18-20, 2014.


The Green Collection, named for Hobby Lobby president Steve Green, has been called “a sampler of Jewish, Roman Catholic and Protestant treasures” by USA Today. The Collection seeks to tell the story of the history of the Bible, the best-selling and most-banned book of all time.

Sacra Pagina, Latin for “The Sacred Page,” features some of the earliest forms of writing on Cuneiform tablets, as well as Jewish treasures and items from Egypt that include the earliest references to 1 Corinthians on Papyrus. The history of biblical translation is documented in this exhibition from the original Hebrew and Greek to English, including vernacular translations from countries around the world.

Beginning with a single purchase in 2009, the Green Collection has since expanded to over 40,000 items from antiquity to the modern era. Multiple exhibitions are currently on display including “Passages,” the largest domestic exhibition; “The Book of Books,” an international exhibition at the Bible Lands Museum in Jerusalem; and “Verbum Domini,” an encore exhibition at the Vatican.