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Kingdom Conference Schedule & Details

Tuesday, November 5
11:00am Chapel Chapel
Speaker: Bishop Graham Cray
Topic: The Great Commission Revisited (Mt 28:16-20)
12:00n Cordelia B Talkback:  Dr. Art McPhee
3:45p-5:00p MC205/206 Forum
Speaker:  Bishop Graham Cray
Topic: Fresh Expressions of Church: The UK Experience
Wednesday, November 6
11:00am Chapel Speaker: Bishop Graham Cray
Topic: Incarnational Mission (I Cor 9:19-23)
12:00n Cordelia B Talkback: Bishop Graham Cray
3:45p-5:00p MC205/206 Forum
Topic: The Secular Crisis of Christianity: The Marginalization of Christians in Europe
Speaker: Rev. Henry Paasonen
Thursday, November 8
11:00am Chapel Speaker: Dr. Jay Moon
12:00n Dining Hall Rice and Beans Solidarity Lunch
Cordelia B Talkback:  Dr. Jay Moon
1:30p-3:30p MC205/206 Consultation: What the world has to teach the West about church planting
Roundtable: ATS International Students/Planters
Facilitators: Dr. Art McPhee, Dr. Jay Moon, Dr. Eunice Irwin
6:00p Dining Hall International Potluck
Facilitator: Dr. Jay Moon
Topic: Taking the Gospel to the Streets
Speaker: Heidi Lyda, LYN House, Indianapolis, IN
Speaker: Rhonda Stapleton, Samaritan Village, Orlando, FL

Thank you for being with us!