Christian Formation on Campus

Have you seen someone on campus displaying the three core values of the Christian Formation Process? Tell us about your story.
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Stories from Asbury Seminary

Juliet Uytanlet shares her story of experiencing community and Christian Formation as a new student at Asbury Seminary

Courtney Coates was my neighbor in Turkington Apartment. Her husband Greg was a MDiv graduate of Asbury. When we first arrived Asbury in 2007 coming from the Philippines, she was the first in the apartment complex to welcome me and my family. She and her family are so dear to us. In March of 2008, I learned that the Coates were leaving soon since Greg would graduate that May. I really wanted to give her and her family something. They have been so good to us and to many others in our neighborhood. So I wrote a poem to share the story of how she planted a garden of tomatoes and a whole lot more behind the Old Turkington apartment. Her garden and her life have blessed so many souls like mine. I want this story to be told and inspired a hundred or more souls on how tomatoes can be such a joy. But more so, how a garden of tomatoes can bore friendships and community.