CFP Structure and Timeline

“Pauses and Speed Bumps”

Every life has its rhythms.  Some seasons seem to demand break-neck speeds, while other times invite a slower, saner pace. Formation of the spiritual life need not be left up to external circumstances (  We learn from the history of God’s people that the way we make sense of and prioritize our time, may make the difference between lives that are flourishing or floundering. 

Here at Asbury Theological Seminary, we have shaped a formative path designed to undergird the academic experience.  We call it, “CFP” (  The Christian Formation Process (CFP) is not necessarily a mentored experience or a discipleship opportunity, although you may find it to be a series of significant relational moments with an assigned Faculty Guide.  The CFP is however a series of five intentional “pauses,” three of which will take place with a Guide who wants to consider God’s formative movements in this season of life.  These pauses are designed to break our normal speed and invite reflection.

Theologically, we view the five moments as “spiritual pauses.”  From the very beginning, “rest,” (or the Latin phrase, “pausis,” from which we get the word “pause”), was one of the practices to which God invited humanity, as a means to be like Him.  Throughout the Scriptures, these pathways to grace and formation come to us as offers.  What Wesley called “means of grace” become doorways through which God promises to meet us when we avail ourselves of them. 

In the CFP, we have fashioned several pauses, which allow each of us to take stock of where we are on the path and even how we are traveling.  In an introductory video (, we play with the metaphor of the “speed bump” to describe five moments along your formative path at the Seminary.  Although a speed bump can be seen as an unwelcome impediment to a fast-moving life, these pausing points are necessary to slow you down, encourage reflection and open up conversation about those reflections with a faculty or staff member here at Asbury.

Keep in mind: A speed bump is only an aggravation to the person who is going too fast for the safety of self and others.  While we, as an institution, might prefer that all members of our community choose to accept such an invitation for pauses without the requirement of an external system, our experience reveals that unless we are required to slow down, oftentimes we do not.  For these reasons, we outline the following points of pause, or spiritual speed bumps, if you will, along the path of your formation here:

First Semester

  • Email Note from Provost about CFP – first week
  • First Speed Bump – Email Invitation to complete the Spiritual Transformation Inventory (STI) (– second week.  Registration “hold” will exist until complete.
  • Email Announcement of Faculty Guide and TK20 Portfolio — after first half of semester
  • Email Re-introduction to CFP via website – send Tutorial
  • Upload Rule of Life/Spiritual Autobiography to TK20 – if completed in CD 501 or CO 600/601

1/3 Mark

  • Email Announcement of first Conversation with Faculty Guide – Second Speed Bump
    • Email invites student to complete first TK20 Student Formation Survey. Registration hold until complete.
    • Student schedules and attends first Conversation with Faculty Guide
    • Guide completes first TK20 Faculty Survey
  • Optional Retreat for any Middler Students – “Second Wind Retreat”

2/3 Mark

  • Email Announcement of second Conversation with Guide – Third Speed Bump
    • Email invites student to complete second TK20 Student Formation Survey –  Registration hold until complete.
    • Student schedules and attends second Conversation with Faculty Guide
    • Guide completes second TK20 Faculty Survey

Final Mark

  • Email Announcement of third Conversation with Guide – Fourth Speed Bump
    • Email invites student to complete third TK20 Student Formation Survey – Registration hold until complete.
    • Student attends third Conversation with Faculty Guide
    • Guide completes third TK20 Faculty Survey

Fifth and Final Speed Bump — Email Invitation to complete Spiritual Transformation Survey (STI) for second time – second week of final semester