There And Back Again

The best maps first disorient, challenging our false sense of reality with a truer representation of the real world. We must become disoriented with the neatly packaged consumerist maps of our design. Christian formation can no longer be a series of ever changing spiritual growth programs. Instead Christian formation must become a circuit of pilgrimages sites, navigating us into the heart of God. We are attempting a map whose main topographical features are the birth, life, words, deeds, passion, death, ascension, resurrection and return of Jesus Christ. Orientation in the world represented by this map consists in becoming lost to the neatly calendared boxes of our old one. “Whoever wants to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for me will find it.” Translation: I am the Map.

The map beckons, “Move beyond the shire of predictable religion, and chance the perilous joy of a real encounter with the Holy God. Stop hiding and risk disorientation with the cozy confines of our false self. Let fasting and weeping, confession and repentance lead us out of the shadows of secret sin and suffocating shame.” The most object sadness will be reserved for those who pursue a life of ministry while hiding from God. The most surprising grace awaits the pure in heart.

What if preparing for a life of ministry looks more like mapmaking than traditional education? Theological cartography weds rigorous study with deep devotion, revealing the goal of knowledge, friendship and humility. And humility is the holy ground of all true worship.

you are here….
…here we go.