Reservations and Use of Space

The Community House exists for the benefit and blessing of Asbury Seminary families and community. This is a community space and not a private building. As such, this building will not be rented out for private or business affairs or events.

  • Anyone with ID access may enter and use the space. Remember that this is your home, as part of the community, and please care for any part of the space you use.
  • Individuals, families, and small groups connected to Asbury Seminary are welcome to use the space without a reservation. You may find that others are also using parts of the space while you are there. Share the space joyfully as you would a home.
  • A schedule of regular, planned community activities will be indicated on the Community House calendar.
  • A weekly schedule of Community House events will be posted on TWAA (This Week at Asbury) which comes out on email every Friday.
  • If a major event (such as a community meal) is being hosted in the Community House, a notice will posted on TWAA and communicated in other ways.
  • PLEASE refer to the calendar to see if something is already scheduled prior to emailing for a reservation (