Healing Prayer Ministry

Prayer Request/Intercession

The Healing Academy and its participants actively engage in a lifestyle of personal and corporate prayer. Several intercessory prayer meetings may gather on the campuses of Asbury within a given week.

If you have a prayer request, at any time, please feel free to share that request using our Prayer Request Form. You may indicate the level of privacy of the request or make it anonymously. If you ask us to do so, we will forward your request to the organized praying community within the seminary.

Chapel/Altar Prayer Ministry

Prayer teams are available for personal ministry after the Wednesday Eucharist Chapel in Kentucky and after the Tuesday and Thursday Chapel services on the Florida Dunnam campus.

To receive prayer, look for the prayer teams gathered near the front of the chapel immediately following the service. Prayer ministers wear lapel pins to indicate they are part of the Healing Academy.

Typically, this type of prayer ministry is limited to several minutes with each person seeking prayer. As you come for prayer, be aware of what you would like Jesus to do for you so that the prayer ministers can come into agreement with you.

Prayer Appointments

The Healing Academy offers appointments for personal prayer ministry. A prayer ministry appointment offers more time for ministry than is available after chapels.

During an appointment, the prayer minister’s task is to listen, love and pray. Prayer ministry is not counseling or advice giving, but an opportunity to journey intentionally with a healing prayer minister to experience Jesus who is already at work to heal. The ministry focus is on an attentiveness the whole person in order to discern what Jesus is healing in the person receiving prayer.

Prayer appointments typically last from 1 to 1.5 hours. In addition to the prayer minister, a trained intercessor/observer will also attend, or you may request that someone you know and trust be with you. The details of your ministry appointment are strictly confidential.

Request a Prayer Appointment

Pastoral Care

You may also request that pastoral care be a component of your prayer appointment if you feel you need care and direction beyond the scope of prayer ministry. Healing Prayer Ministry is not counseling, and our ministers are trained to support you by listening, loving, and praying with you. Pastoral Care may include some spiritual direction and counsel in addition to healing prayer.

Request a Prayer Appointment with Pastoral Care