Grace Retreat Schedule


Grace Retreats are located in Wilmore, KY and cost $50 to attend for the general public. The cost for members of the Healing Academy is $35.

Retreats are overnight and from Thursday to Friday, or from Friday to Saturday. Guests arrive at 5:30pm and are released by 5pm the following day.

Read the Grace Retreat FAQ for further details about the format and experience of a Grace Retreat. The following dates are still available for this year. New dates for the 2017-18 Academic Year will be available in the summer, so be sure to check back. Or, you are welcome to request an invitation to be added to a waiting list.

  • September 28-29: Women (Thursday – Friday)
  • October 6-7:  Men (Friday-Saturday)
  • October 19-20: Women (Thursday – Friday)
  • November 3-4:  Men (Friday-Saturday)
  • November 9-10: Women (Thursday – Friday)
  • January 12-14:  Women (Friday-Sunday)
  • February 22-23: Women (Thursday – Friday)
  • March 2-3:  Men (Friday-Saturday)
  • March 15-16: Women (Thursday – Friday)
  • April 13-14:  Men (Friday-Saturday)
  • April 19-20: Women (Thursday – Friday)

Request an invitation to a Grace Retreat