Grace Retreat Testimonials

Women’s Retreat

“I discovered that I have not been living the life God has designed for me. I was hiding behind a mask of unworthiness. Through the healing prayer ministry, I see God loves and values me. My confidence is being restored, and I feel once again like my true self. I am excited to go forth and live the abundant life God freely gives through the power and presence of Jesus Christ.”

“The Lord revealed some key areas that I needed to focus on.  With the careful facilitation of Peg and help from my group, I was able to shed light on the issues I had that were holding me back from feeling free to love fully, and more importantly, to fully feel the love of Christ. Our time was spirit-filled and enlightening in every way. I am free from soul ties of previous sexual partners. Praise the Lord.”

“[Jesus healed] the spirit of fear and of striving for acceptance.”

“It has given me a litany for when fear assails. It has made me aware of spiritual warfare. It has given me confidence to pray in Jesus’ name. It has given me a “marker” to go back to when I am doubting the gifts of God in my prayer life.”

“Each time I attend a Grace Retreat, I feel a little more confident that this is the direction God is taking me (intercessor). I have witnessed many women receiving healing in their brokenness and leave a happier and lighter person than before they came to the retreat. Peg is a gentle, thoughtful and conscientious vessel in which the Holy Spirit moves. She works hard, thoroughly enjoys her gifts, and operates on a very effective schedule. I sincerely believe all are blessed that attend.”

“[Jesus] healed my pride. I became aware of a need to be a successful minister in the eyes of the system rather than the eyes of the Lord. He continues to heal my perfectionism and selfishness. He also healed a hatred for my brother and communicated once again the beauty of repentance, giving the gift of forgiveness. He healed my identity – defining me as a daughter called to serve him and love others through pastoral ministry. He continues to heal my image of God.”

Men’s Retreat

“My experience at the Grace Retreat was invaluable. So many various strands of God’s work in my life over the past year or two crystallized in my work at the retreat; so much so that I had a breakthrough of sorts. I had realized over the past year that I struggled with many various things: perfectionism, inability to trust others, hatred over the reality that I had a rather tender, sensitive heart compared to many — I could go on. Though I had come to recognize these things, I had not become aware that they shared the root cause of certain experiences and dynamics of my family life in childhood, especially with my father. Realizing this has allowed me to not remain in frustration over my struggles, but instead to go forward in healing and learning how to live in truth instead of within the deadening, unrealistic ideals that had burdened me. I truly believe that if not for my time at the retreat I would not yet have moved into this new phase of God’s work in my life.”

“I had often struggled with becoming discouraged in my personal devotion to God and my life as a seminary student. Many of these struggles were wrapped around my call and path in future ministry. The image I had of myself and the right habits for ministry seemed to be always just out of reach. I was living afraid that I would never change or be able to grab a hold of the life that God was calling me into. Many things have felt like a steep climb up a mountain that left me feeling exhausted and unable to ever reach the top. However, it was on the Grace Retreat with Peg, her husband Rick, and a handful of my closest brothers that I not only became more aware of this struggle but our Lord revealed to me that I had been living in my call and path to ministry. With much overwhelming grief I saw that I had been unaware that I was and am living in the life that God is calling me into. However, what followed was almost uncontrollable joy in knowing how Christ has been and will continue to be the strong foundation underneath me and the mighty arm pulling me up the mountain. I have what it takes because Christ is here!”

“During our times of prayer, repentance, and inward reflection the Holy Spirit brought restoration to some of my deepest wounds. The Gospel was applied to my life in a powerful way, and I am unspeakably grateful…”

“I must admit, I went in with a lot of anxiety and apprehension but wanting hope and ready for any pain to leave my heart, soul and body. I know I am a sponge for hope and healing at this point in my journey. I am very fragile, vulnerable and only beginning my quest for self-identity and wholeness. I felt so broken that it was difficult at this point to see any hope. So I admit, I approached this experience with skepticism that I could find hope to heal.  One statement kept coming back to me from the recent healing seminar, ‘healing occurs in community.’ That kept me from backing out.”

“The healing retreat was a shelter from the world and all my worries for a short space of time. It was a shelter that provided love, understanding, community, warmth, compassion, and a safe place to pour out all my pain, emotion, and thoughts, without fear of judgment. My thoughts and emotion were only greeted with love and acceptance. It was safe and liberating to cry in this shelter.”

“Not being a seminary student or living the level of spiritual life all the other participants have lived, I was insecure about my own participation. But thanks to [the leader’s] comfortable way of taking me to this place of peace, I discovered that there is a place inside of me…an untapped well of hope and healing. I can get ‘watered.’”

“During my time of healing prayer, Jesus helped me to identify some lies I had believed concerning finances and his provision, specifically that he was a God of scarcity instead of abundance, and that security could be found in money rather than in him. I had an opportunity to repent of and renounce these lies, as well as to be cut free from a generational pattern of worshipping money over God. I immediately felt lighter and full of joy and hope. Being set free from this pattern of thinking has freed me up to move forward in ministry with Jesus. I also felt reassured that Jesus sees me and knows my heart’s desires. He will not forget to take care of me.”