Grace Retreats FAQ

What if I am not ready to deal with an issue or something doesn’t seem right?

The main “rule” for a Grace Retreat is that you do only what you want to do. Part of the leadership function is to make sure that you don’t get pressured or persuaded to tell anything or participate in any way you are not willing. Instead, each participant is encouraged to listen to the Holy Spirit for God’s invitation. Because God works with each person uniquely, this might mean that from time to time you will choose not to do what the group is doing. Instead you might take a walk, sleep, pray, write, etc.

Do I have to participate in every activity of the retreat?

If you do choose not to meet with the group, please tell someone so we don’t wait for you. If you choose not to participate in an activity, you might ask yourself: “What am I avoiding?” or “What am I saying ‘no’ to?” or “What’s not right about this for me?” or “Is the Lord leading me in another direction that I need to follow?”

How long does each healing prayer session last?

Each person can be the focus of the group for a period of time, usually about an hour, in which you deal with your particular issues. We call this focus “working.”

What sort of issues can you work on during a healing prayer session?

When you work, you can deal with any sort of issue you want: a dream, a feeling about yourself, a relationship, a need for forgiveness or a need to forgive, a feeling or sensation in your body, an inability to pray, a need for discernment about God’s will, etc. You can go as deeply as you want into any emotion –  anger and rage, fear, guilt, shame, grief, etc. – and you can stop at any point you choose. If you want, you can simply tell a story from your life and ask for prayers.

How does a healing prayer session begin?

The work begins with your briefly telling the group what’s going on with you. Then we explore through “experiments.”

Examples of experiments:

  • Would you be willing to close your eyes and go back through time to a particular age when you were a child?
  • Would you be willing to put your mother/father/friend/spouse, etc. on a pillow and speak to them?
  • Would you be willing to go around the circle and repeat a given sentence to each person?

What is Jesus’ and the Holy Spirit’s role in healing prayer?

At some point the leader will ask if it’s okay with you if we invite Jesus or the Holy Spirit into your work. This is founded in the belief that God meets us most particularly in our brokenness, because God wants to heal us. The Holy Spirit may well surface “surprise” issues in you during this time. You may have come with one issue and find yourself working on another.

What do other people on the retreat do while someone is receiving prayer?

During each person’s work, the group can be in prayer for the person working. Also, some work is likely to open a door of healing for others. If this happens, let it. Often God works this way in a group.

How does a healing prayer session usually end?

When the work gets to a stopping point, and with your permission, the group will lay hands on you to pray over you. This is often a rich time of blessing.

Is there a time to give feedback after a healing prayer session?

After the prayers, we will give feedback. Feedback is sharing with the person what you experienced while the person is working. Feedback is not advice, analysis, or questions.

How do we know the order in which people receive prayer?

In a retreat like this, the Holy Spirit seems to direct the order in which people work. Somehow, there will be a reason for the one who goes first and so on. One of the ways you may know when it is your turn is that you may get anxious. You may experience your heart beating faster, your palms sweating, slight nausea or butterflies. An emotion may surface strongly. Not everyone experiences this, but if you do, try to welcome it as a sign that God is at work in you. Don’t try to get rid of the feeling; rather try to let that energy be used for your work.

What else do we do on a Grace Retreat besides prayer sessions?

We will take time for worship, walks, play, meal breaks, and a short break between each person who works.

What is the confidentiality policy on retreats?

We will agree before beginning our work together that whatever happens in the group will be held in strict confidence. The only work you may talk about to others is your own.

How long are the retreats and when do they begin and end?

In Kentucky, one-night retreats begin on Thursday or Friday at 5:30pm and come to a close following day at 5:00pm. In Florida, retreats are generally on a Monday from 8am-5pm.

How many people will receive prayer on the retreats?

One-night retreats are designed for a maximum of 3 people to receive healing prayer with space for an intercessors/observer. Two-night retreats are designed for a maximum of 5 people to receive healing prayer with one space for an intercessor/observer.

What is an intercessor/observer?

An intercessor/observer participates fully on the retreat, except there will not be group time to work with his/her own healing process. You may find that you receive a great deal by agreeing to watch and pray in this role. We believe that your prayers will make a vital difference to the group as well.

Where do Grace Retreats take place?

Currently, retreats take place in Kentucky at the Grace Retreat Center located at 145 Lowry Lane, Wilmore, Kentucky 40390. Grace Retreats are also offered on the Florida Dunnam campus of Asbury Theological Seminary.

How do I register for a Grace Retreat?

Please complete a request online: Request an Invitation to a Grace Retreat.

What is the cost?

A one-night retreat is $50.00 for the general public, and $35 for members of the Healing Academy.

What do I need to bring?

  • Comfortable clothing (always good to dress in layers as temperatures may fluctuate during the day)
  • Walking shoes
  • Bible
  • Journal
  • A snack and a beverage to share with the group
  • Personal items you may need: towel/washcloth, twin sheets* (if available – this helps keep the cost of the retreats to a minimum, blankets and pillows are available); if you are a light sleeper, you might want to bring along ear plugs. *BEDDING CAN BE PROVIDED UPON REQUEST.
  • A musical instrument if would like to play for our time of worship together

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