Healing Prayer Training

A Healing Practicum Experience

The Healing Academy is a training school that offers prayer education in the context of group lecture, mentored groups, and active practice. Each of these approaches serve to connect members with the best of ancient and current wisdom in the healing prayer tradition. The program is available to Asbury Theological Seminary students, staff, spouses, alumni, and affiliates of Asbury University.

Training Modules

The curriculum consists of 10 Training Modules per year, with different topics provided for Level 1 and Level 2 students. Trainings are led by Peg Hutchins, Director of Community Formation. Each Training Module includes foundations of biblical, theological, and traditional wisdom in regard to healing prayer. At times, guest instructors are also invited in to share with the members. This year, for instance, we are pleased to welcome Dr. Richard Shaw to teach a module on the healing of shame.

Coaching Groups

Coaching Groups are small mentoring groups which meet throughout the semester. These sessions offer time for mentoring in which participants receive feedback on their healing prayer practice, provide opportunities for a question and answer session. Coaching Groups provide a safe learning environment for healing prayer and include 4 to 6 people. Each session includes a time of discussion and review, followed by hands-on practice to apply the material learned in each training module.

During Coaching Groups, participants have experienced God’s healing in various areas of their lives, both spiritual and physical. Many have testimonies of healing of specific struggles such as anxiety, perfectionism, living in legalism, self-control, and physical pain.


Members engage in the active practice of healing prayer through participation in prayer teams for chapels and special seminary events; serving as intercessor/observers in prayer appointments; and participating in Grace Retreats.

In addition to providing ways and means for students to appropriate healing in their own lives, the Healing Academy offers the theological and practical resources needed to equip and empower persons to be healing agents in the context of their local church and para-church ministries.


The curriculum is organized by levels which span the duration of one academic year from September through May. There are three levels: Level 1, Level 2, and Internship

In Level 1, students focus on learning the basic concepts of healing prayer ministry and on their own personal healing journey. At this level, students also participate in altar ministry to begin to practice Healing Prayer Ministry.

In Level 2, students are given more opportunity to go deeper in their own practice and begin to articulate their understanding of concepts to others. Level 2 students are trained in more specific dynamics of healing ministry, such as healing from trauma.

Internship includes personal mentoring with Peg Hutchins, Director of Community Formation, and more experience in the practice of healing prayer.

Students may participate from 1-3 years, however, Level 1 is prerequisite for Level 2, and both Levels are prerequisite for becoming an Intern.

Training Schedule

Training for the Healing Academy is founded on teaching and coaching. Please check the Healing Academy Calendar for specific dates for the 2016-2017 academic year.

Kentucky: Healing Academy participants meet on specific Mondays of each month (September – May) at designated times, usually in MC205-206. Level 1 students meet from 9:00-11:30am, and Level 2 students meet from 1:00-3:30pm.

Florida/ExL: Healing Academy participants on the Florida Dunnam meet for training via web conference with the Peg Hutchins. These sessions may cover the training module material or other information. Attendance requirements for Florida/ExL students vary from the Kentucky members to accommodate for the unique challenges of distance learning.

Applying for the Healing Academy

Participation in the Healing Academy is granted by application only, and participants are expected to continue their training and service throughout the academic year.

Apply for the Healing Academy