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Commuter & Short-Term Housing

Asbury Seminary offers special housing opportunities for short-term housing students that are affordable with easy access to the Kentucky campus. Asbury Seminary believes in the importance of offering this type of housing to give off-campus students an opportunity to experience the formational community of the Seminary.

Commuter Students

Commuter Students at Asbury Seminary are defined as students who are staying on campus during the fall and spring semester consistently for two to four nights a week. Commuter students are given three different options to meet their needs. This information can be found under Single Housing. Commuter students are allowed to stay three weekends during the semester for either study purposes or intensive classes.

Male commuter students are housed in Grice Hall and women commuter students are housed in the new women’s dorm. All commuter students will be given single rooms, and depending upon the dorm, they may share a bathroom with one other person or have a private bathroom. They will be provided meals during their stay depending upon the amount of days scheduled to be on campus. Prices for commuter students can be found at Single Housing.

Short-Term Students

Short-term students are here for intensive classes. These intensive classes could be a weekend or week long during the academic year. The prices for the Short-Term Housing can be found at Single Housing.

Short-term students are housed in the Orlean House. Students will have a private bathroom and shared restrooms.

Apply Now

To apply for commuter or short-term housing, please complete the short-term housing application or the commuter application and return to the Office of Student Services. You may email to, fax to 859-858-2021, or mail to:
Asbury Theological Seminary
Attn: Single Housing
204 N. Lexington Ave.
Wilmore, KY 40390