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Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar Advanced Wesleyan Studies in June 2013

Asbury Theological Seminary and Asbury University held their third Wesleyan Studies Summer Seminar (WSSS) in June 2013. This seminar has been established to develop and support research, writing and publication in the broad field of Wesleyan studies.

Russell Richey of Emory University and  Kenneth  Collins of Asbury Seminary were the co-conveners of the seminar this year.

The third class was made up of scholars from a diversity of geographical areas ranging from Australia to North America to  Malaysia and with a diversity of research interests that include the following:

  • Thomas Albin,  (Dean of the Upper Room) “The Evangelicalism of E. Stanley Jones Revisited”
  • David Bundy,  (New York Theological Seminary) “Martin Wells Knapp: American Popular Theologian”
  • John Culp, (Azusa Pacific University) “Philosophy in Wesleyan Theological Contexts”
  • Barry Hamiliton,  (Northeastern Seminary) “The Strategic Importance of Richard Watson’s Theological Institutes for Methodist History”
  • Glen O’Brien, (Booth College, Sydney,  Australia) “John Wesley’s Political Writings: Global and Transitional Perspectives”
  • Luther Oconer,  (United Theological Seminary) “Holiness Revivalism in Asian Methodism”
  • Khoo Ho Peng, (Methodist Theological School, Sarawak, Malaysia) “Addiction Counseling: A Wesleyan Approach”
  • Kyle Welty,  (Baylor University) “John Wesley, British Methodism, the Slave Trade and Slavery”
  • Andrew Wood, (United Theological Seminary) “Denomination and Dissent: B.F. Haynes and the Crises of Piety and Order in the MECS, 1885-1900”
  • Jennifer Woodruff-Tait,  (Managing Editor, Christian History Magazine) “Worldliness in the 21st Century”


All of the following faculty, drawn from both Asbury Seminary and University, were  a part of the seminar this year:  Meesaeng Choi, Tony Headley, Ken Kinghorn, Kevin Kinghorn, Mike Pasquarello,  David Righmire, and Steve Seamands.

In co-operation with Duke Divinity School, the WSSS will not meet in 2014 but will return in odd numbered years thereafter, that is, in 2015.  The Duke seminar will meet in 2014.


Posted on July 18, 2013

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