Degree Map

Are you pursuing a M.Div. or M.A. in Theological Studies? You’re invited to become a leader within the Anglican Tradition with a specialization in Anglican Studies. Deepen your understanding of Anglican ministry, worship and spirituality with classes exploring prayer and community, theology and spiritual formation, and the spiritual life of the minister.

We also offer a 15-hour certificate in Anglican Studies for those with master’s degrees or degrees from other institutions.

View the required courses for the Master of Divinity or the Master of Arts [Theological Studies]. The Anglican Specialization is 21 hours listed below.

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Hrs Course ID Course Name
Anglican Studies Courses
3  TH615 Anglican History and Polity
3 WO620 Worship, Prayer & Community in the Anglican Tradition
3 CH610 English Reformation for Anglican Studies Specialization
3 WO615 or WO651 Sacramental Theology, Sacraments in History
3 TH701 (only for MATS) Contemporary Theology
Students must take two of the electives listed below
3  SF625 Theology and Spiritual Formation
3 SF502 Spiritual Life of the Minister
3 SF/CH720 Readings in Christian Spirituality
3 CH610 English Reformation
3 CH701 Ante-Nicene Patristic Literature
3 CH615/SF615 Spiritual Formation of the Global South
3 SF650 Pilgrimage: Spiritual Formation and Morality
Require Practicum
3 MM701 or MM520/620/720 Anglican Internship/3 1-hour Mentored Ministry experiences in Anglican or related ministries