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Set yourself apart from the crowd with the new Christian Education or Intercultural Studies Certificate Track made available through a collaboration with your graduate degree program.  Graduate students can earn core and capstone credits online allowing you the opportunity to finish your degree while adding additional skills and competencies through Asbury Seminary.

Each certificate is designed as part of your ongoing Master’s work and will uniquely equip you for a variety of ministry contexts.  Coursework can be completed fully online!


The Financial Aid offices of Messiah College and Asbury Seminary will work together to recognize your registration at each location for financial aid purposes using a consortium agreement.  This will allow you to use funds from your scheduled financial aid award at Messiah College to pay for courses taken at Asbury Seminary.  You will not need to supply any financial information to Asbury Seminary, as Messiah College will be the institution in which your financial aid will be awarded and disbursed.  It is the student’s responsibility to notify Messiah College of their intention to simultaneously enroll in both institutions to ensure the financial aid package is adjusted accordingly.

Academically Formative

Intercultural Studies Track

The Intercultural Studies track will provide individuals who intend to engage in ministry in cross-cultural contexts with a solid background in education. This program is a good opportunity for those who are preparing to go overseas as educators in their field.  Opportunities to teach in schools, to develop educational programs to meet local needs in business or other fields, to teach in higher education programs, or to prepare teachers are just some of the many opportunities to serve and minister cross-culturally through education.

Messiah students admitted into the Intercultural Studies certificate program will be eligible to take the following courses: (4 Courses)

  • MS501 Missional Formation
  • MS644 World Mission of the Church
  • MS702 Mission and Biblical Theology
  • MS708 World Religions and Mission

Christian Education Track

The Christian Education track will provide educators with the skills and competencies needed to evaluate and design curriculum and to deliver and assess effective instruction in educational contexts related to Christian ministry. The track is of particular interest to current or aspiring Christian school teachers and administrators, current or aspiring children’s ministry directors or pastors, and those who are working in para-church fields, such as campus ministry, community educational outreach programs and ministries in which education and faith development plays an important role.

Messiah students admitted into the Christian Education Certificate program will be eligible to take the following online courses: (Select Four Courses)

  • CD/MF615 Family Development: Discipleship and the Home
  • CD/YM520 Theology for Children and Youth
  • CD 660 Teaching the Bible to Youth and Adults OR CD560 Transformative Teaching
  • CD657 Models of Ministry with Children OR YM658 Models of Youth Ministry

Apply Today

Application requirements

  • Complete application
  • Letter of Good Standing from Messiah College (Contact your Registrar)
  • Application fee is waived

Contact Information

For more information about the program offerings contact:

Kevin Bish 859-858-2273