Site Supervisors

Dear Site Supervisors:  Thank you for the work you do with our student-counselors.  The contributions you make not only help our students meet their training requirements, but also shape the counseling field and how future professional counselors practice competently.

This webpage is intended to assist you in the work you do with our student-counselors.  Below you’ll find links to information about our programs, links to evaluations, and more.  If you have any questions or need additional information please contact the Director of Training (contact information at the bottom of this page).

NBHave questions about how our students’ field placement requirements?

          Counseling Practicum and Internship Information




 agreemtNeed to access a copy of the Site/Supervisor Agreement Form?

          Counseling Site/Supervisor Agreement Form 





Time to complete a student evaluation?
(If you are unsure of which evaluation form to use please as your student)

          Counseling Practicum Evaluation Form (our mental health students only)

          Counseling Internship Evaluation Form (both mental health & marriage/family students)


 CPCtrainingNeed supervision training or interested in other online trainings?

           CACEP Online Supervision Training

           Additional online trainings


 Want to know more about our CACREP self-study and accreditation self-assessments.  Click here.


 CACREP Standards 

Our Mental Health Counseling program adheres to CACREP standards for field placement experiences.  Mental Health Students are required to ensure practice sites and site supervisors meet CACREP standards in order to engage training at a site.

Site requirements include the ability to give student agreed hour requirements and offer students the ability to engage in counseling or co-counseling activities (See “Information” link above for more information.)

Site Supervisor standards are as follows:

1.  Must have an advanced degree in a mental health field,
2.  Must hold a licence in a mental health field,
3.  Must have at least two years experience in work the student will engage,
4.  Must have training in Supervision.  Training can include CEUs in clinical supervision.  Site supervisors who do not have supervision training can complete our online training available free.  (See “Training” link above for more information.)



If you have any questions, please feel free to contact your respective Director of Training:

Orlando, Florida Campus

Eugene Chambers
8401 Valencia College Ln.
Orlando, Florida 32825
Phone: 407.482.7663
Fax: 407.482.7578

Wilmore, Kentucky Campus

Russell Hall
204 N. Lexington Ave.
Wilmore, Kentucky 40390
Phone: 859.858.2265
Fax: 859.858.2168