Counseling Requirements for Kentucky

See KRS Section 335.525 of Laws and Regulations for Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

  1. Paid your application fee as set by the board at the time you apply
  2. Completed 60 hours of counseling course work and holds a master’s or doctoral degree
  3. Completed minimum of 4000 hours of experience in the practice of counseling, all of which must be obtained after your degree.
    • Minimum of 1600 of direct counseling with individuals, couples, families, or groups.
    • Minimum of 100 hours of face to face clinical supervision with an approved supervisor
    • Complete organized practicum or internship consisting of at least 400 hours
    • Passed examinations required by the board

Licensed “Professional Counselor Associate”

  1. Pay your application fee.
  2. Completed 60 hours of counseling course work, holds a master’s degree or doctoral degree.
  3. Has not completed the 4000 hours of experience in the practice of counseling or taken the examination
  4. Has obtained a board-approved supervisor of record who has completed the required 3-hours of Board-approved CEUs in supervision and has retained the certificate of attendance.
    • Be sure that the LPC board has a record of your supervisor BEFORE you start your supervision
    • Supervision must happen a minimum of 3 times per month, and 1 hour per meeting
  5. You can apply to be a LPCC once you have passed the exam and completed your 4000 hours.