Advanced Research Programs (Th.M./Ph.D.)

After completing an appropriate master’s degree program, students may elect to begin further study in specialized disciplines advancing their knowledge in theological, contextual, spiritual and strategic literatures related to the field of biblical studies, missions and intercultural studies. Asbury Seminary is proud to offer four advanced research programs:

  • Ph.D. (Biblical Studies)
  • Ph.D. (Intercultural Studies)
  • Th.M. (Biblical Studies)
  • Th.M. (World Mission and Evangelism)
As an institution within the Wesleyan tradition, Asbury Seminary aspires to integrate theory, practice, sound learning and piety in its degree programs, including the advanced research degrees. It aids the promotion and spreading of scriptural holiness by producing world-class scholars committed to the advancement of sound theological education, spirituality, lives of sanctity, and the world mission of the church.