Master of Arts

Asbury Seminary offers two basic Master of Arts programs, with options for a concentration in each program. The Master of Arts with a specialization in Biblical Studies or Theological Studies provides preparation for persons pursuing further postgraduate research. While the Master of Arts professional degree serves as a terminal degree for a ministry of teaching in congregations, para-church organizations, and Christian institutes.

The Master of Arts degrees are designed to prepare women and men for competent leadership in specialized ministries in their faith communities. It seeks to develop the general theological understanding required as a basis for specialized ministries and to nurture the practical abilities and skills needed for the special form of ministry expected. With one exception, all M.A. programs require 60 semester hours of study and normally require a minimum of 30 hours of residency in the program. The M.A. in Counseling requires 64 semester hours of study and normally requires a minimum of 25 months of full-time study, with a minimum of 32 hours of residency.

Students in the M.A. degree programs are required to enroll in both core formational courses within the first 21 hours of study.