Asbury Church Planters

What Does an Asbury Seminary Church Planter Look Like?

God has been at work through our curriculum throughout our 90 year history to birth many powerful church planters and prevailing churches. In studying our graduates we discovered a major strength, and the Master of Arts in Church Planting is a strategic way of building on that strength – by placing a more intensive emphasis on something that God has done at Asbury for a very long time. Here are just a few of the stories of our alumni church planters.

Carolyn Moore and Mosaic United Methodist Church

Matt LeRoy (M.Div., 2007) and Love Chapel Hill

Rosario Picardo (M.Div., 2007) and Embrace Church

Recently divorced and a little jaded, ex-Marine Rosario Picardo heeded God’s call to plant “a church for broken people.”   Rosario fell in love with urban ministry while attending The Rock/La Roca United Methodist Church as a member, custodian, and finally associate pastor. Although considered counterintuitive to plant a faith community in an urban area, God led Rosario to downtown Lexington, Ky.   There in 2009 he planted Embrace church, and in three years, the ministry grew from a basement meeting to a local park to the Kentucky Theater.  The journey hasn’t been easy. Rosario has had his car stolen and sold for twenty dollars, his tires slashed, his house vandalized and his life threatened for carrying out his call.  God has blessed the new church and caused it to multiply.  Embrace now has two campuses and three congregations that reach the homeless and young professionals, empty nesters and college students, locals who haven’t been to church in years and refugees from Africa.

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ATS is breaking new ground with launching the church planting degree because it is not only meeting the current needs of training planters but is also anticipating the cultural trends in the future of our changing world. This degree can bring a perfect combination of theory and praxis to equip men and women for their local church context..

David Goss (M.Div.2007) and Light and Life Goleta

A degree in church planting from Asbury makes good sense. The planters I know who have immersed themselves in the practical steps of church planting and NOT BEEN IN A HURRY have been the most successful.

Bryan Collier (M.Div. 1994, D.Min. 2000) and The Orchard

I know that the quick hit route of Boot Camp for preparing for church planting gets you on the field quicker, but the objective in preparation does not need to be speed, but thoroughness! Spending time in an extended incubator like the Master of Arts in church planting at Asbury Seminary nurtures and prepares your mind, body and practically for the marathon that is church planting!