M.A. I.S. with Church Planting emphasis

We are delighted to announce the launch of our first in-ministry curriculum focused on Church Planting. The Master of Arts (Intercultural Studies) degree with a specialization in Church Planting with an orientation and on-campus class experience in October. This opportunity is accessible for ministry professionals serving in either a domestic or overseas ministry context. In this innovative cohort model, approximately twenty students will take the same sequence of online and on-campus courses while being actively engaged in their local church plants. Over the next three years, these students will gather for four additional on-campus meetings as well as participate in interactive online classes together. The on-campus experiences are already predetermined and students will receive the scheduled dates for these classes up to twelve months in advance. This model allows students to remain in-ministry while actively participating in the Asbury Seminary community. Additionally, it allows church planters to acquire a rich network of peers and seasoned faculty to support and equip their ministry without having to take a leave of absence during a critical season of engagement.


  1. Contextual learning. This degree offers an integrated, holistic treatment of Church Planting and draws upon fields of theology, history, sociology, ethics, anthropology, leadership, and missiology. Assignments are specially crafted for the student’s present ministry context.
  2. Quality instruction. Classes are taught by world class scholars who have years of experience in missions and Church Planting all around the globe.
  3. Highly relational. All classes will be taken on-campus or online with the same group of church planters. These online classes will introduce you to other Asbury students serving in a variety of capacities on and off-campus.
  4. Predictable sequencing. The entire sequence of online and on-campus courses is mapped out, allowing you to plan for four short (1-2 week) trips to campus over three years.
  5. Scholarships. All in-ministry participants will receive a $4,500 scholarship annually as funds are available. To qualify for as many financial assistance opportunities as possible, we highly recommend submitting a financial aid application during the admissions process as well.