Global Learning

Asbury Theological Seminary’s Office of Global Learning oversees Asbury Seminary Online and our extension sites in Memphis, Tennessee and Tulsa, Oklahoma. 

Asbury Online allows you to complete a Master of Divinity or Master of Arts in either Leadership or Spiritual Formation without moving to one of our campus locations. Asbury Online courses offer the same course content as our traditional classroom courses, and most are taught by our full-time residential faculty. By taking our online courses, you can stay right where you are and continue to do the work God has called you to. In fact, Asbury Online allows you to immediately apply what you’re learning in your courses to the ministry you’re currently involved in. We call this education in context.And while online courses do not put you in the same physical space as professors and other students, we make sure you have significant opportunities to interact with them in meaningful ways.

Asbury Online also offers hybrid courses that allow you to take part of a course online and part of it in intensive two- or three-day classroom sessions at one of our campuses (Wilmore or Orlando) or extension sites (Memphis or Tulsa). Some courses require two (one-and-a-half-day) visits to a campus or site in a semester, and some require one longer (three-day) session. Most hybrid courses are taught by faculty from our Wilmore and Orlando campuses.

The hybrid format is Asbury Seminary’s fastest-growing mode of learning because it combines the convenience of online education with the deeper relational connection of a classroom education. It’s the best of both worlds!