Community Life for Online Students


Asbury Theological Seminary’s Extended Learning program is committed to the faithful expression of “the Asbury Experience” as seen on both the Florida Dunnam and Kentucky campuses.  The Online Program (ExL) student is a member of a community that worships, prays, and pursues a strong spiritual formation discipline.  Many of the same opportunities and services found on the other campuses are offered to our online learning students through several unique formats.


While we believe chapel is important to those who are on a geophysical campus, we also believe spiritual nourishment is important to our Online Program (ExL) students. To help them gain this needed nourishment, online students can take advantage of Asbury’s streaming chapel services, both live and pre-recorded. The Kentucky Chapel meets on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays at 11 a.m. in Estes Chapel and is offered by live streaming from the Asbury Theological Seminary chapel page. Preachers, teachers and church leaders from around the world add variety to the worship experience.  Archived versions of the chapel services are available to those who cannot be online during the 11 a.m. chapel periods. Online Program (ExL) students are also encouraged to connect with a home church congregation.


The Communications Office regularly publishes a Campus Calendar (This Week at Asbury) that is available through the Seminary’s email system, on Connect and the Seminary’s web page.


Assistance is available to our Online Program (ExL) students in the areas of financial aid, counseling and care services, and mentoring and spiritual direction from Seminary faculty through the Christian Formation Program.  In addition to financial aid, all Asbury Seminary students may receive additional available help.   Emergency financial assistance may also be available through the Philippian Fund.


Asbury Theological Seminary provides all students with an ecumenical and multi-cultural experience. While the geophysical campuses of Kentucky and Florida offer face-to-face interaction, Online Program (ExL) students can still connect with one another in a meaningful way through the online Prayer Forum, chat features, and virtual group assignments.

Often, our online students find the experience to be even richer because many find sharing less inhibited in the online community.


Asbury Theological Seminary’s main communication tool is through the email system. However, many other communication tools are available through the portal, Connect. The Asbury Community, Asbury Classifieds, Asbury Coffee House, Health and Wellness, Praying Community, and the Rooms and Rides forums also provide many opportunities for communication and community building.

SPIRITUAL FORMATION in the Online Environment

Because we believe spiritual formation is a vital part of the Asbury Seminary experience, each online classroom is equipped with a Prayer forum.  Students are encouraged to send prayer requests and concerns to this forum so that their fellow students and faculty support, pray, and care for the individual as a tangible expression of the Body of Christ.  Community is established and maintained when we extend the hands of Christ through these expressions of Christ’s love.

Because Asbury Seminary is a religious institution that is led by a deeply spiritual administration and faculty, students are often challenged to a deeper walk with Christ in course assignments, class discussions, and in feedback from faculty.