Order of Asbury

Order-of-Asbury-LogoOrder of Asbury (OA) is a society of active alumni that supports and resources the spiritual, professional and personal lives of students training for Christian leadership and mission at Asbury Theological Seminary.

Who are we?

Members of the Order of Asbury are active alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary. By definition, ‘active’ alumni are engaged with the mission of Asbury Seminary and concerned with those coming behind them, training to be Christian leaders and ministers. As part of the greater Asbury Fellowship, an active alumni contributes in some practical way to the Asbury Seminary community and mission (alumni council, boards, and endeavors) and/or contributes financially to the Seminary (Wesley Fund, CTAP, other monetary donations). The Order of Asbury provides a pool of mentors, networks, and resources to support a new generation of Christian leaders and ministers.

How does one become a member of the Order of Asbury?

The OA is not a closed group and, true to the Wesleyan model, it is based on relationship. The process of joining is simply one of invitation or application, administered through the Alumni, Distributed Learning, and Community Formation offices. A person may fill out an application (see below) for themselves or suggest an invitation to be extended to someone else. Interested alumni must be willing to be actively involved in the mission of Asbury Seminary and to invest in current Asbury Seminary students as is described below. This is not a prestigious membership, but a holy companionship in a particular work of God’s Kingdom.

What are the privileges of being a member of the Order of Asbury?

The privileges of membership in the Order of Asbury are invitations to serve, forming connections with other OA members, opportunities to mentor students on year-long commitment cycles, personal access to the Alumni office and Alumni Council.

OA Mentor Commitment:

  • Contact student within the first week of being assigned. This can be by email, letter, phone call, social media, etc.
  • Continue to contact student at minimum once a month. Be responsive to the student and reply to student initiated contacts.
  • Create a sense of invitation for your student to contact you with any questions or issues. Engage the process fully and honestly.
  • If possible, invite student to meet face to face at least once per year for a time of one-on-one personal engagement.

To become a member of the Order of Asbury and begin mentoring students this fall, fill out the application.

Order of Asbury Mentoring Program

What is the mentoring program?

The Order of Asbury mentoring program is a way for alumni and students to engage and build relationships within the Asbury Seminary community. Through it, alumni mentors and current students will connect to empower and resource the next generation of Christian leaders in a communal context of joyful and loving relationships.

OA members are not required to mentor a student every year. We recognize the demands of life have an ebb and flow.

For more information about the mentoring program click on one of the links below: