Full List of Actions & Guidelines

Below is a current list, organized by topic, of Asbury Theological Seminary’s actions, decisions, and guidelines for our campus communities.  This list is authoritative and takes precedent over any guidelines previously released as “Updates”.  Remember, our site is searchable, so you may also search for a topic, word, etc.  Due to the various uses of cookies by different browsers, you should refresh this page each time you arrive to ensure you are viewing the latest information.


  1. The Seminary closed all of its physical offices and instructional sites effective at the close of business on March 13. The Seminary previously released its “Phase 1 Reopening Plan” that can be accessed here (all employees are expected to read and follow the plan and return to work as directed) and is now fully open.  What this means in more detail:
    1. All employees are expected to fully follow all CDC guidelines for distancing, hygiene, etc. as well as follow the Seminary’s Reopening Plan, including wearing masks when inside buildings and outside of their personal offices and work spaces.
    2. If an employee believes they have a situation or medical condition of concern that might qualify for FMLA, etc. (i.e. keep them from working in a socially-distanced office setting), they must contact the Director of Human Resources immediately for consultation and a determination. Such situations should not be handled simply through the employee’s chain of command, as these are federally-guided matters.
  2. All Seminary-related gatherings (regardless of location) are limited to 10 persons. This applies to all Seminary owned or operated facilities (e.g. Kalas Village, Gallaway Village, residence halls, etc.) for all of its sites (unless local guidance allows or restricts these numbers more than indicated above; local guidance should always be followed).  All guidance regarding distancing, hygiene, masks, etc. must be followed for any approved gatherings.
  3. Wilmore, KY residence halls remain open.  All physical distancing and other CDC guidance for hygiene, etc. must be followed.  Residence Life staff will be present, as normal, to handle any issues related to facilities and residential life issues.


  1. For its Fall 2020 semester, Asbury Theological Seminary currently plans to follow its regular schedule; all in-person instruction is planned to proceed according to this schedule while following guidelines for distancing and wearing masks. Currently, the only calendar modification planned for the fall schedule is that all instruction following the Thanksgiving break will transition to an online-only format.  What this means:
    • The academic calendar will unfold as originally presented, and it can be found here: https://asburyseminary.edu/academics/registrar/academic-calendar-important-dates/. Any adjustments that might be made will be updated at the link above, so please check it regularly. Please direct any questions about in-person instruction to the Registrar’s Office.
    • All students will be expected to sit in an appropriately distanced manner in all classrooms, and masks will be required as well.
    • Each instructor will be responsible for communicating to the students in each course the details regarding the online post-Thanksgiving instruction for that course.


  1. All Asbury Seminary-related international travel is suspended until further notice; domestic travel should follow all relevant/related governmental guidance for all states involved in such travel. What this means in more detail:
    1. Effective July 6, Seminary employees may resume domestic travel (non-air travel is still preferred whenever reasonably possible). All domestic travel is subject to supervisor approval in advance of making any travel plans.
    2. The Seminary reminds the community of their responsibility to educate themselves about all government guidance regarding travel in and out of all states, and it expects all Seminary employees, students, and their families to follow any mandatory state guidance.
    3. The Seminary reserves the right to restrict access to our campuses and instructional sites if we determine that a person may place our community at risk due to their travel choices. (Please see II. under GENERAL / MISCELLANEOUS below for additional reporting requirements.)
  2. All Seminary international travel courses, or international travel that is part of a U.S. course, have been cancelled until further notice.
  3. Any student who travels to any country outside the U.S. does so at their own risk (i.e. as to whether U.S. Customs will allow them to return), and if they choose to do so, when they return to any Asbury Seminary site they must follow all applicable CDC and/or local government quarantine requirements before reengaging with the community.
  4. Persons currently in other countries or outside of the states in which the Seminary operates are expected to adhere to the prevailing travel guidance as it relates to traveling into any of our campuses or instruction sites as well as follow all applicable CDC and/or local government quarantine requirements before reengaging with the community.


  1. For consistency and clarity, Asbury Theological Seminary will use CDC recommendations as the baseline guidance for considering and establishing the Seminary’s policies and actions. All such guidance will of course be appropriately applied to our context and be processed by our COVID-19/Coronavirus Response Team and issued as official policy statements of the Seminary and posted on our website.  These policies may include aspects that exceed the then-current CDC guidance.
  2. Any faculty, staff or student who has tested positive for COVID-19 or has had exposure (click here for definition of exposure) to anyone who has tested positive must report this to HR (faculty/staff) or Student Services (students) immediately AND must follow all applicable CDC and state guidance for self-quarantining, etc. before returning to any campus facility, instructional site, or their individual room in a residence hall. Any student residing in a Seminary residence hall who falls into any of these categories must contact Residence Life regarding special quarantine housing that is available and must use this housing before returning to their room in their residence hall. Kalas Village is considered a personal home for purposes of quarantining within that unit. The national COVID-19 Hotline may be reached at (800) 722-5725 to receive specific guidance.
  3. Seminary staff remain available to support anyone in our community who desires it. Please contact the appropriate person/office below based on your particular category or need:
    1. Faculty – Provost’s Office 859.858.2206
    2. Wilmore students – Ty Konopinski 859.858.2093
    3. Wilmore staff – Human Resources 859.858.2221
    4. Non-Wilmore students and staff – Eric Currie 407.482.7635
    5. Prayer or any other support – Community Formation 859.858.2391

In lieu of contacting what might be the normal office or area during this closure, any employee with any questions about any of these, or other, matters should first contact their director and/or vice president directly for assistance.

For the most up-to-date information regarding our plans, preparedness and information from the CDC and World Health Organization, visit the special site we have established below and review the various links and information.