Phase 1 Reopening Plan

Please click here to download and read the Phase 1 Reopening Plan  (all employees need to read the Plan prior to May 18)

Effective May 18, 2020, Asbury Theological Seminary will commence its phased reopening plan at all of its locations in concert with local jurisdictions and guidelines.  The Phase 1 Reopening Plan has been built carefully from state and local guidelines that were current at the time the Plan was written.  Due both to the nature of a phased reopening, as well as the fact that the Seminary operates in four states and five locations, these guidelines will evolve over time.  As such, the Seminary will regularly monitor these guidelines and consistently update the Plan as appropriate.  Therefore, regularly checking the plan above is highly encouraged.

We understand these remain challenging and difficult times for many.  We trust this will ultimately be a season we eventually move through, but regardless of its length, as we continue to move forward we encourage everyone to remember love both conquers fear while simultaneously puts neighbor ahead of self.  May our entire community interact with each other with a multitude of grace and patience in these days as we move forward with our mission and purpose as a seminary — a mission and purpose that have never wavered during this pandemic and that are as needed as ever before in a world hungry for the good news of Jesus Christ.