June 2018

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Dr. Timothy Tennent: Listen to Your Own Preaching

If you want to know the personal reason Dr. Timothy Tennent briefly lost his composure during the rededication of Estes Chapel, you’ll not want to miss this candid message from our seminary’s President.

Introducing: Asbury Theological Seminary’s Newest Campus!

Asbury Theological Seminary is proud to announce the opening of our newest extension campus in Tulsa, OK.

Towel and Basin Award Winners!

We are so excited to announce our Towel and Basin Award Winners for 2018!

Asbury Theological Seminary Welcomes New Alumni!

We are so proud of our 2018 graduates!

Gold is Not all That Glows: Meet Our 2018 Golden Graduates from Class of 1968!

We recently welcomed back class of 1968 to honor them for 50 years of service to the GLORY of GOD!

Asbury Alumnus and Current Students Join Forces to Battle Poverty in Ohio

The possibilities truly are endless when our alumni team up with our current students to resist evil in every form they find it! One current student recently wrote about his experience learning from an alumnus.

From Soul Care Community: The Tough Task of Loving Others Just as They Are

What does it mean to love your enemies and to treat well those who use you? One of our alumni, Kathy Milans, recently shared about a time when loving someone just as he was led to salvation.

Charles Killian: “I Can Use That”

This story inspires us to look past cracks and flaws in order to find the beauty that is within.

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