May 2014

The Alumni Link is a monthly e-publication provided to the alumni of Asbury Theological Seminary

On Computers and Applesauce

by J. Ellsworth KalasThe computer and I have a tentative sort of relationship.  I realize that I’m at a disadvantage because I had reached a more advanced age before the computer and I met, and computers are prejudiced toward those who meet it when they’re still pre­kindergarten.  I think the computer also senses that I’m […]

Jonah is not about a fish

by Fredrick Van Tatenhove, professor 1975-2002   Jonah is not about a fish. That thought came to me early one morning. Now I cannot explain why. I had not been reading Jonah. But there it was and I was awake. I got up turned to the book of Jonah and read it in less than […]


by Charles Killian, Asbury Theological Semianry professor 1970-2004 I don’t know the source of this story, or where I got it. It is a well-worn story. Every preacher has used it a time or two. The date was June 18, 1815, the day of the Battle of Waterloo.  It was the day when Wellington and […]

Loaded at the Last Supper

by Ken Werlein (1992, MDiv; 2002, DMin) Growing up, I spent lots of fun time each summer out in West Texas. It’s where my grandparents lived. See, mom and her sisters grew up in the town called Big Spring, not far from Midland. So, all my cousins and my sister and I would reconvene out there for some […]

Meet the Alumni Council

by Sandra Blumanhourst,  Asbury Theological Seminary, Wilmore Campus, Alumni OfficeThe Alumni Association Council is made up of strong leaders who offer vision and guidance. Steve Wood serves as the President and Carolyn Moore serves as the Vice President. Both, also, serve as Chairs for the Large United Methodist Church Affinity Group and the Medium UMC […]

What Does the Alumni Council Do?

by Sandra Blumanhourst, Asbury Theological Seminary, Alumni OfficeHave you ever wondered what Asbury Theological Seminary’s Alumni Council does?  The Alumni Council serves as the centralized governing group of Asbury Alumni.  They bring collective wisdom, address any policies or issues that need attention, and serve as liasons between Asbury and our over 10,000 alumni across the […]

Beeson Update: Growth at Evangelical United Methodist Church

by Heidi E. Heater, Editorial Assistant, Beeson International Center, Asbury Theological Seminary Although Evangelical United Methodist Church (EUMC) in Raccine, Wis., is located on a lot with no parking, that doesn’t hinder their growth. Since Creighton Kaye (’03 D.Min.) and his wife, Karin, began pastoring there about 14 years ago, the congregation has more than […]

Seedbed: John Wesley Collection – May 2014

  Seedbed has started an exciting project of updating significant works of John Wesley with modern typesetting and beautiful cover art in order to make it accessible to a new generation of readers. John Wesley’s profound legacy and impact on world Christianity during and since his lifetime can be viewed through a number of lenses. The revival […]

Alumni Events – May 2014

  Tennent Tour Please join President Timothy C. Tennent as he shares the Asbury Seminary vision in your area.  Tennent Tours are well under way, so mark your calendar now!  At each of his stops, Dr. Tennent is honored to be speaking at various Saturday evening and Sunday morning services.   September 12-14 Asbury UMC/First […]

Alumni Updates – May 2014

For more than 63 years, Rev. Eugene Black (1952)  faithfully served congregations in the former Southern Illinois Conference until mandatory retirement at age 70 in 1995.  Then a year later, he embarked on a 14-year second career as visitation pastor of Mattoon First UMC, retiring again at age 85.  For this record of service, Black […]